How Is Zamp HR Responding

One of Zamp HR’s priorities is the well-being of our employees, our clients, and their families. We are monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and adjusting when we need to. As a result, the following changes have been made to our business model.

Office Health

  • We always encourage any employee who is sick to remain at home.
  • We have asked our employees to continuously clean their workspaces, conference rooms, breakrooms, etc.
  • Most of our employees are now fully set up and working from home. Every employee is still working as hard and diligently as possible to ensure business runs as normal as possible.

Visits, Meetings, and Visitors

  • We have suspended all non-essential onsite visits and meetings. Most communication will be done via phone or video conferencing.
  • All visitors to our office must practice social distancing and use hand sanitizer upon entering our facility as well.

Our Plan

  • Our business (office or home) will remain open during this time.
  • We have dedicated employees who are working to keep up with changes and updates to COVID-19 and the many laws that are being written into place. That team strives to get all new and relevant information out to our clients as quickly as possible.
  • Zamp HR will adapt and adjust to the very fluid situation in order to help keep our employees and our clients safe, as well as continue to provide the best service possible to our clients.
  • Our entire team remains dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We stand ready to help with any question and concern that comes our way.