State Unemployment Rates & Claims Management

Use Zamp's State Unemployment Rate instead of your own to save you money.

Of all of the payroll taxes a company pays, State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) is one tax that Zamp HR can help save you money. If you outsourced to a PEO during the recession (2008 to 2016) we guarantee we can save you money by providing you with a lower SUTA rate when using Zamp’s services.

Most business owners are focused on growing their business and don’t want to be bothered by another administrative task. Partnering with Zamp HR allows us to review your unemployment history, examine your company’s employee turnover, and help you lower your State Unemployment tax rate by managing your unemployment claims.

State Unemployment Tax

Every employer has to pay a state unemployment tax (SUTA) for every dollar of wages paid to their employees. SUTA tax rates can be as low as .2% and as high as 7% or more. Zamp HR helps you to manage this tax rate to get it to lower over time and thus saving your company money.

Zamp HR are experts in this fields of SUTA rate management. If you are a company with high turnover or seasonal layoffs we work with you to help manage this tax rate. The more employees that you lay off and who file Unemployment claims, the higher the rate becomes each calendar year.

Things to watch for:

  • The number of annual claims your company has
  • The average amount of each claim
  • Use Zamp HR to manage this rate and to help reduce it or at least to keep it from increasing over time
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) Cost Reduction
Unemployment Claims Management

Unemployment Claims Management

Zamp HR are experts at unemployment claims management. We work with your business to make sure unemployment benefits are only paid when they are rightfully owed.

  • Unemployment Claims fraud prevention
  • Unemployment Claims processing
  • Unemployment court case management
  • Employee Review and Termination Training to avoid unnecessary claims
  • Employee Turnover Consulting