What a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can do for you

Experience Zamp HR, full-service HR outsourcing.
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Help You Lower Expenses & Increase Profits

Access expertise, technology and HR processes that improve your workforce productivity. After all, your workforce is your greatest asset and expense. We can help you save on workforce-related costs and maximize efficiency.
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Allow You to Focus on Your Core Business

Remove the non-revenue producing administrative tasks from your business by Outsourcing to Zamp HR. You now have time to focus on what makes you grow and most successful.
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Help You Become an Employer of Choice

By providing a full suite of Employee Benefit programs, you are able to attract and retain the best employees.
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Provide You Peace of Mind

Zamp helps protect your business with guidance on HR compliance matters, including wage and hour law, safety, employee relations, navigating the Affordable Care Act and more. Our support brings peace of mind.

Discover Zamp HR, a unique HR partner.

We simplify all the complexities of HR into a single partnership.
Access enterprise-level HR and Benefits programs... for much less.

Why Choose Zamp HR as Your HR Outsourcing Partner?

It's not only because you are most successful when you're focused on your business...

Zamp HR offers employers a unique and comprehensive solution to HR. Taking care of payroll is only the beginning. Through a PEO partnership, we provide small and medium sized businesses a full HR suite, from all-in-one technology to full-service staff to help you operate more profitably, reduce risk, increase workforce performance, and save countless hours each pay period and year.


Zamp HR provides you one price for the combination of services you choose. Add services later... you don't pay more.


Zamp HR Cloud software meets all your HR needs.


Use our Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, STD/LTD, FSA, & HSA, plans to retain your employees.


As Healthcare Experts, we pool our 1,000's of employees to provide you fortune 500-type company benefits.
Zamp HR does more for you, for less.


Zamp HR pays your taxes, files your returns, and provides W2's on your behalf.


Our online payroll software is easy to use, accurate, and affordable.


Use Zamp's 401k plan for no added cost. Hundreds of funds to choose from. Get investment advice.


See if you qualify for Zamp's discounted workers comp plan. Safety training available for no added cost.


Put the Power of Zamp HR to Work for You

Schedule a brief call today to receive 3 free months of free payroll. Learn more about how we help you simplify HR and save on workforce costs. Zamp HR offers all-things-HR in a single relationship, from payroll and HR tasks to full service support from our team of experienced experts.

Full-Service HR, Payroll, Benefits & More

Running a business is exhilarating, except... when it isn't. Chances are you didn't go into business to negotiate benefits for your employees, navigate payroll, or try to keep pace with government regulations and compliance. You have products and service that your customers need. With HR simplified and employee relations off your hands, you're free to do what you do best... grow your business. We invite you to discover the many benefits of working with a PEO partner to simplify HR while reducing cost and risk.


Finally, one software for all of your HR needs. See our Zamp HR Cloud Software demos.


Payroll is simple, accurate and affordable. Let our full-service payroll solution ease your burden.


Zamp offers full-suite HR and benefits to its clients.


Add your employees to Zamp's discounted Workers Comp plan for savings.


Zamp HR can manage your unemployment claims to keep your SUTA tax rate low.


Zamp's in-depth HR knowledge helps you stay in compliance with ever-changing employment laws.

Human Resource Consulting & Compliance

Zamp HR helps manage your greatest asset... your people.

Your Own Dedicated
Human Resource Consultant

Our Human Resource Specialists will help to offload many of your safety, employee relations and HR compliance risks. Our HR compliance management solutions provide technologies and processes to help you remain in compliance. Complying with employment and labor regulations is a task that demands ongoing attention and expertise.


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