Zamp HR Cloud Benefits Enrollment

Convenient and Secure Electronic Enrollment

With benefits enrollment, everyone wins… from employees to the business owner. Employees want to take full advantage of earned benefits, and employers need to retain employees while reducing administrative costs. Whether it’s saving time or better understanding available benefits, your staff will love the convenience of electronic benefits enrollment. Simplify how your employees discover, compare and select their benefits.

Smart, Simple Enrollment

You already know how challenging it can be to manage benefits during open enrollment and for new hires, especially if you’re still using paper forms. With electronic enrollment, employees can be guided step-by-step through the process for the specific benefits they are eligible for.

Integrated Across HR Cloud Modules

What’s more, the entire process from onboarding to benefits enrollment and payroll is integrated, minimizing the time involved and potential for errors.

Easily Compare and Select

Whether it’s managing dependents or comparing plan options, your employees will be empowered to understand and more fully take advantage of employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits.

And without the stress and disruption of paper-based enrollment, your employees can focus on making the right selections and returning to work.


Put the Power of Zamp HR to Work for You

Contact us to learn more about how we help you simplify payroll, HR and reduce workforce costs. The Zamp HR Cloud provides everything you need to manage payroll and HR tasks, whether at the office or on-the-go, combined with full service support from our team of experienced payroll, HR and service experts.