When Should You Outsource HR?

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  • Aug 31, 2021
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Outsourcing specific business processes has become a growing trend, especially for small businesses. HR outsourcing is one of the best ways to save time and money while also seeing positive results from the partnership.


Case Study: Improve Hiring Outcomes with Applicant Tracking Software

Improve hiring outcomes with applicant tracking software.

Dnata specializes in international ground and cargo handling, catering and travel services. With more than 41,000 employees around the world, they keep the world in the air. Dnata USA has ground handling operations in 26 cities and serves more than 50 international and domestic carriers. The cargo group operates two dedicated perishable warehouses, and serves more […]


Restaurant Focus: Cut Hours Managing Time & Schedules

Restaurant Time and Scheduling

Helping restaurant manage schedule changes, plan complicated shift changes, and maintain a loyal staff. CHALLENGE: Coat and Thai’s single manager was the only one doing the hiring, scheduling and time tracking, creating an ever-changing bottleneck that soon became an overwhelming burden. She was managing employee time, attendance, and scheduling with a 90’s era punch clock, […]


4 Ways to Improve Care and Decrease Costs for Health Care Centers and Facilities

Health Care Centers Facilities

Timekeeping can make an appreciable difference in care quality and costs. Here are four things timekeeping can do for health care organizations of all types and sizes. 1. Overtime Management First, labor is a huge cost in every organization. Overtime rapidly escalates that cost. Accurate, automated timekeeping gives you the power to control and manage […]


Employee Scheduling for Assisted Living Communities

Assisted Living Scheduling

Assisted Living Staff Scheduling Helping assisted living staff avoid scheduling conflicts, coverage gaps, and increase quality while raising employee morale. OVERVIEW Challenge: Suncrest Assisted Living was borrowing critical time from resident care to chase a constant cascade of scheduling changes. Solution: TimeSimplicity offered the additional power of drag-and-drop scheduling, easy schedule change management, and employee […]


Simplified Time Management for Retail Organizations

Simplified Time Management for Retail

Helping hotels improve their bottom line with simplified scheduling and more efficient time and attendance tracking. CHALLENGE: Northwest Outfitters’ primary challenge is keeping unique departments staffed with the right people while reducing costs with viable cross-department coverage and unplanned overtime. Northwest Outfitters is a small retail chain tackling the challenges of selling in the competitive […]


6 Ways to Improve HR Compliance with Timekeeping

6 ways to improve HR compliance with Timekeeping

In HR, there are many compliance concerns. The list grows yearly. From hiring practices to employee relations and wage and hour law, there’s numerous pitfalls to watch for. For wage and hour in particular, things such a rest and meal periods, overtime and so on, remaining compliant can even be a moving target as legislation […]


Making a Case for Employee Timekeeping – Snyder Engineering

Making a Case for Employee Timekeeping

The 30-person team at Synder Engineering is expert in design, manufacturing, and problem-solving related to steel works. Projects range from multi-story stair assemblies and handrails to balcony frames and jail cells. It takes the whole organization functioning together to create an exceptional product and great work environment. Saving Clients Money Everyone at Snyder Engineering is […]


Choosing Between a PEO or Payroll Service Provider.

Payroll Processor or PEO

For many organizations, payroll is one of the first things to be outsourced, and rightfully so with all its complexities and administrative hoops to jump through. From filing payroll taxes to benefits administration or compliance, there are numerous reasons to seek professional help. And yet, while the choice to outsource may be simple, choosing who […]